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7 inch android tablet pc
Tablet PCs
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FAQ's ( Frequently Asked Questions )


Q.1 How to connect 3G Internet in 7 inch Android Epad/Apad Tablet PC ?
1) Click on Settings
2) Click on Wireless & Networks
3) 3G Network Settings
4) Add 3G Network
5) Fill Following
- Give Any Name to your Network
- Give Device Number as *99#
- Give appropriate APN Number of your sim Network
- User & Password left blank
6) Click on Connect

All 3G dongles are not compatible with this tablet (Use only Listed compatible Dongles )
Dongle Must be unlocked

Visit Video Link

Q.2 How to Connect Wifi in 7 inch Android Epad/Apad Tablet PC ?
1) Click on Settings
2) Click on Wifi Settings
3) Turn on Wifi (It will automatically search your Router)
4) Select your Router
5) Enter your Wifi Password
6) Click on Connect (It will take 30 sec to connect if signal is strong)

Note : At the time of entering Wifi password, just check the Signal Strenth. If it is good then your Wifi works very well, if it is Poor or Fair it makes problems as you said.

Q.3 How to Connect Wifi in 10 inch Android Epad/Apad Tablet PC ?
1) Click on "Settings"
2) Select "Wireless & Networks"
3) Make "WiFi" Turn On
4) Click on "WiFi Settings" (After that it will scan all the nearest WiFi Routers)
5) Select your router name and click on it.
6) Type Correct password of your WiFi Router
7) Click on "Connect" (Within 15 Seconds WiFi will be connected)

Q.4 How to do Firmware update/reinstallation/reflashing for 7 inch epad ?
These are very easy to follow instructions for firmware update of the epad. .
1.First download the software from the link.
Or paste this address in the address browser to donwload.
Unzip/extract the folder
Extract using used winzip program -
Once you extract it, it has English instructions on how to reinstall the epad
2. Copy folders on root of SD card
3. Insert Micro SD card in off epad
4. Restart epad
5. Reinstallation will start automatically starts. So wait
6. Once installation is complete, remove SD card
7. Restart ePad

This should solve the problems with the epad.

Note: If you are installing from SD card, please make sure the SD does not contains any other files other than the already extracted files.
If you still face problems, please let us know.

Q.5 How to do Firmware update/reinstallation/reflashing for 10 inch 2.3 Infotmic epad Tablet PC ?
Download the reinstallation file from here
Unzip/extract the files.
You will see 4 files/folders at the root
You would need at least 4GB SD card to do this installation process
1. Format the SD card - First it would be good to format the Sd card using the tool here - /SD card formatting tools/sdfv2003.exe
2. Prepare the SD card with the installation files - (how to move the files to SD card)
Open the file Make System SD- card.exe - it shows the video of how to prepare the SD card for the reinstallation. You need to save the files to SD card using the tool /usbit/USB Image Tool.exe
3. Once the card is ready, you can reinstall the epad.
4. Turn on the tablet by holding down the menu button (circular button on front face) and then pressing the Power button (located on the top of tablet when holding horizontally).
Installation will start automatically.
Epad will perform better after re-installation.

Q.6 How to do Firmware update/reinstallation/reflashing for 7 inch Android 4.0 Konka A10 epad Tablet PC ?
Download the reinstallation file from here

Q.7 Epad - How do I download Apps?
There are vaious ways of installing the desired apps

1. Direct download to android device -
You can search and download thousands of apps using the "App Market/Android market/Play store” App pre-loaded on your epad's homescreen. NOTE: to download apps you need to be connected to internet.
You can either browse for apps under the 'Apps' or 'Games' tabs which contain categories to help you find the best apps for your lifestyle. You can also install applications like - ebook reader, messengers, games etc of your choice. Once installed, the application would appear on the home screen for the use.

2. Install using the official android website - Eg. - For angry bird
Click on the install button next to desired application, website will ask you to sign in.
Select the device where you want the application installed and click on install.
The application would be loaded on your device.
Note - This assumes that you already used your google account from your epad/phone device

3. Installation using APK files -
You can download and installs loads of applications on your tablet PC for your use.
A quick Google search will reveal many websites in which one can acquire such apps ".apk" files. Visit google and seach for the application apk eg. 'skype apk' etc
This tablet is equipped with a MicroSD card slot. If you save .apk files on the memory card from your computer, the tablet will be able to recognize and open/install them.

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