Types Of Recovery Mode Options For Android Tablet

In Android, recovery refers to the bootable partition that has the recovery mode program installed in the device. The recovery mode program is run through pressing a combination keys (or as per command line). This process boot’s your phone to recovery, which provides you various tools like repairing the installation or updating/installing official OS updates. Since Android is awesome OS with feature of open-source digital enables you to find recovery source code, plus with the additional features of customizing version with more and variant choices that is superbly easy to apply on the system.
• What is Fastboot , Simlock?
Fastboot is an engineering protocol to boot your android device. This feature enables you to customise the system images by connecting to the computer via USB; therefore, the Simlock is the feature to unlock the device to be used on different carriers. You can enable the Fastboot feature by using the volume buttons and simultaneously pressing the power button to select the desired option.
• Clear storage
“Clear Storage” is awesome option if you are about to sell your android device or else having serious problem like memory storage, slow processing and so on. By activating “Clear Storage” option, you’ll just wipe out all your storage data, which you wish to get rid out of.
• Custom Recovery mode
If you don’t want to lose your data or any mandatory setting on the android device “Custom Recovery mode” is fine option. If you’ve got rooted your device it is necessary and very initial part to install the “Custom Recovery Mode” at same time. You can install the feature from the ROM manager app. This keeps away pain of losing the data after rooting the device.
• ClockworkMod options
ClockworkMod option is multitasking easy feature that allows you to install new ROMs, backups of current data, installing add on zip files, factory reset option and on. It is kind of reboot option for android device. To activate ClockworkMod press the volume button to get “Recovery” option and then press “Power” button, hence now you’ll device will now reboot in ClockworkMod.
• Make a backup
Before making any kind of changes or updates on your android device, it is always safe to have backups of whole data. This process might take a few while, but could take whole mirror image of your data on alternative safe storage for lifetime. You can activate the backup option by pressing the volume button and simultaneously pressing power button to choose “backup and restore” menu.
• Copy Backup
It’s always a good idea to keep an alternative copy of your storage data, such that if incase you lose any content of data mistakenly or accidentally, you would atleast have alternative option of the lose file.
• Restore backup
Restoring backup menu is as easy as export the storage data to safeguard place. to start restoring your data you can simply press down the volume button to choose the restore and then press power. Then start selecting the file(s) you wish to restore, thus the files are generally sorted out by date format.

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