How to install skype on android?

Skype, the ever popular computer application that gives the user access to make calls using VOIP technology is fast being made available across all platforms. One can use Skype to not only chat but also video talk. On subscription, one can even make paid calls to both landline and mobile.

With people using their mobile phone and Android as an operating system, Skype is also made available on these. There are some set procedures to follow to install Skype on Android. Here are a few simple steps:

Visit enter your mobile number along with the country code and prefixed by ‘+’  After you submit your number, Skype will send you a link on your phone, which will take you to the Skype website and allows you to download and install the app using your Wi-Fi or 3G connection. You can start using the service instantly and no charges are applicable to download.

Skype is also available as an application in the Android market. It can be downloaded with ease and installed swiftly like any other Android application. View the details of the Skype application along with reviews on this link your Android model should be registered with Google play without which it will not be recognized and no Android application can download. In case you reside in a country where Google play is not available or supported then you can utilize the following method.

Android applications are made as files with extension .apk in the Android market for easy access. In order to install Skype on your Android device, you have to search for the .apk file and install it, just as you would for any other Android app. Now the question arises, from where to get the .apk file? The answer to which is easy ‘Google it’! The search results will show some links, download the file from any trusted server while ensuring that it is the latest version. Since files like these are small in size, you may need to handle them with care.

After following the regulated procedure, transfer the downloaded file to your Android device, either through Bluetooth, a cable or a memory card. Once you get the file on your device, use a third-party file manager app to take it through the final installation. As such files are not able to directly connect to the device in their native state. Some such most used apps on Google Play are Astro File Manager and Linda File Manager. In the file manager app, select the Skype apk file and select the install option.

There are some conditions to keep in mind to install Skype on Android. Make sure that you are using a version of Android that’s 2.1 or later. Your phone should have a running processor of atleast 600 MHz or faster. Assure that there is connectivity available on your phone either Wi-Fi or 3G as otherwise Skype will neither be accessed nor installed. So stay connected to your contact through your Android phone while even on the move and get precision quality.

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