Homemade Stylus Pen For Tablet Pc Or Any Other Touch Screen Device

Stylus is a pen used to type, freehand writing, and select item on the tablet PC.

Captivating touchscreens devices are almost everywhere these days. The touchscreens are conductive means that the system will only recognize a touch from the finger. Therefore, it means that you cannot operate tablet pc with any random old pen or nib as an alternative stylus for touchscreen display. With due consideration preceded point, we would like to mention that you can create your own stylus with a couple of goods lying in your house. Just what you will need is: a cheap plastic biro, disused electrical wire, a sponge, and scissor/scalpel. If you got all these material, then you can certainly make your own stylus within 5-10 min’s.

• Take the disused electrical wire and cut it around just over the length of plastic biro.
• Now cut the rubber case to get inner wires, repeat the process until to get flexible copper wire out of it.
• Once you take of copper wire out of disused electrical wire, now pierce an alternate hole bit inch from the biro’s nib hole. Put the copper inside out from the biro new hole and strip the plastic biro.
• After poke and twist out the wires around plastic biro and seal biro with the foil strip, to hold stylus in hand easily. Cut a small piece if sponge and wrap around wired biro. Sponge is required to prevent scratches and certain from the tablet PC screen. Next, push sponge bit inside biro from the nib hole and leave small part of sponge poking out. Do make sure the sponge is well connected with inner wire, while small part is poking out to contact on tablet PC. The sponge tip need to smooth and tight to hold technical control, or you’ll lose contact of the homemade stylus pen with Tablet Pc touchscreen.
• As you’ve possible got firm nib, now wrap the remaining wire around the outer pasrt of biro tightly. Make sure the sponge, plastic biro and the copper wire are well connected to each other. Because capacitive touchscreen tablet or any other device do require current to work firmly yet undisturbed.

Stylus pen is amongst the top most required accessory of Tablet PC. It is a very useful accessory for the user who have fat fingers or aren’t comfortable with touch technology for selecting any content or writing on tablet PC. Though, you can stylus also in the market, but creating own homemade stylus is more worthy. For instance, incase company stylus if drops accidentally chance to break down its capacitive nib and would obviously cost you a lot. Whereas with homemade stylus no matter how many you drop or get damaged totally, you won’t face great loss, as it is made up of very cheapest to cheapest wastage material.


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